About Me

LindseyI am excited to empower age group swimmers through tutorials, drills, and product reviews! Through my YouTube videos, I teach techniques and drills to enhance your swimming experience. Break out of your comfort zone! Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! I love trying new products, gear and suits!

I love helping swimmers to feel more comfortable in the water! Thanks so much for your support, everyday I am grateful you are enjoying my videos!


Fun Facts

  • Best Event: 200 Breaststroke
  • Favorite Event: 200 Freestyle
  • Favorite Stroke: Freestyle
  • Least Favorite Stroke: Backstroke
  • Best Stroke: Breaststroke
  • Worst Stroke: Butterfly
  • Favorite Books: Circle Series by Ted Dekker, The Outlaw Chronicles by Ted Dekker (the third book, Hacker, is the BEST!), and Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J Maas
  • Favorite Movie: Disney BRAVE
  • Favorite Song: Alone by Armin van Buuren
  • Favorite Activities: Swimming (obviously!), golfing, running, biking, reading
  • Favorite Video Game: Covet Fashion 😉
  • Homeschooled, speaks German, has two kitties♡